Become a Benefactor

Without our benefactors it would be impossible to ensure a better future for these children


Sponsor a child

$30 per month

  • Daily Worship

  • Full education grant and school supplies

  • Nutrition

  • Skills training, including English lessons

  • Medical Immunizations and Emergency medical care

Sponsor a program:

$1200 - Child's home repair - This includes a new roof and wall repair, a new bed and other needs as necessary.

$2300 - Recreation area (basketball court, jungle gym, and play area)


100% of your donation is tax deductible and will go directly to the mission.





A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization



Dan Brown

Lawton Family

Ocean Properties

$5000 - 9,999

Fuchs Family

Mary Walsh

$1000 - 4,999

Andrews Family

Andrea Contarino

Patricia Lawton

Nancy Lee

Paul McInnis, Inc

$500 -999

Richard Pearce

Todd Reynolds


$100 - 500

Bonniksen Family

Pete Bohan

Kathy Cline

Joseph Faraca

Anna Long

Phyllis Sands

Loving Gifts

Karen Baum

William Bracewell

Bart Gibbons

Ann Lynn

James Reynolds

Dan Ruhs

Margaret Stephens