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Become a Benefactor

Without our benefactors it would be impossible to ensure a better future for these children


Sponsor a child

$30 per month

  • Daily Worship

  • Full education grant and school supplies

  • Nutrition

  • Skills training, including English lessons

  • Medical Immunizations and Emergency medical care

Sponsor a program:

$1200 - Child's home repair - This includes a new roof and wall repair, a new bed and other needs as necessary.

$2300 - Recreation area (basketball court, jungle gym, and play area)


100% of your donation is tax deductible and will go directly to the mission.





A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization



Dan Brown

Lawton Family

Ocean Properties

$5000 - 9,999

Fuchs Family

Mary Walsh

$1000 - 4,999

Andrews Family

Andrea Contarino

Patricia Lawton

Nancy Lee

Paul McInnis, Inc

Richard Pearce

$500 -999

Todd Reynolds


$100 - 500

Bonniksen Family

Pete Bohan

Kathy Cline

Diane and David Montague

Joseph Faraca

Anna Long

Phyllis Sands

Loving Gifts

Karen Baum

William Bracewell

Bart Gibbons

Ann Lynn

James Reynolds

Dan Ruhs

Margaret Stephens

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