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  • Education -

    • We provide 2 valuable programs.  1. Scholorships to those children who cannot otherwise afford to go to school.  At a minimum it may cost at least 500 pesos or US$11 per month to attend.  2.  Tutoring lessons: Many children especially girls are not learning at their grade level as they are less likely for their family to send them to school.  We provide daily tutoring to children in all comunities who wish to learn more.

  • Worship

    • We have daily worship a the beginning of all programs, including dinner

  • Nutrition / Food

    • Meals are provided several times per week.  Children from all communities attend

  • Medical Care

    • We support funding needs for emergency medical care.  We also work with different medical missionaries that provide vaccinations, dental and eye care.   

  • Skills Training:

    • English Language

    • Cooking/Baking

    • Gardening

    • Jewerly Making

    • Other coaching may also be provided to meet individual childrens needs

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